Steady Rest Type 2 -- H. Richter Vorrichtungsbau GmbH, Germany

Steady rest with removable top
Type 2-1 Model 5

Geminis GHT 5-G2 - Steady rest with removable top, made by H. Richter Vorrichtungsbau GmbH, Germany
Operating Range: Dmax 500 mm - Dmin 300 mm
Centre Height: 1000 mm
Max Work Piece Load: 5000 kg
Quill diameter: 120 mm
Machine tool: Geminis GHT 5-G2

This steady rest is designed to hold press cylinders. Relative to its center height it has a small maximum clamping diameter. So it can hold the cylinder bearing pin whyle machining the barrel. It can be used for all kind of barrels with gudeon pins.
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