Steady Rest 21 H. Richter Vorrichtungsbau GmbH, Germany

Richter Steady Rests
- Presenting our Company

For more than 40 years we have consistently developed into the world market leader for manual steady rests made in Germany through the continuous exchange of ideas with our customers and users as well as extensive research and development.

1980 founded by H. Richter
1990 focus on steady rests and tailstocks for lathes and milling machines
1992 program extension to steady rests for grinding machines
1993 new development of steady rests for deep hole drilling
1995 first sliding steadies for turbine shafts up to 100 tons
1996 start of cooperation with manufacturers of automated welding systems
1997 introduction of the patented steady rest electronics for diameter determination
2000 expansion into the US market
2004 first delivery to South America
2008 ring steady rest with central workpiece clamping
2012 of the shelf steady rest program for turning diameters from 5 to 300 mm
2015 takeover of the company by new owner M-R. Hoffmann
2016 spring-mounted hydraulic support roller block with eccentricity compensation
2017 design process converted to 3D-CAD Solid Works
2018 development of a steady rest type with long rollers especially for worm shafts
2019 tool and fixture construction for engine assembly of civil airliners

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