Steady Rest Type 2 -- H. Richter Vorrichtungsbau GmbH, Germany

Steady rest with removable top, 4 quills and electronic measuring system
Type 2-4 Model 2

Steady Rest made by H. Richter Vorrichtungsbau GmbH Germany
Operating Range: Dmax 1520 mm - Dmin 800 mm
Centre Height: 1000 mm
Max Work Piece Load: 15000 kg
Quill diameter: 150 mm
Machine tool: Geminis GHT-9-2000-62

Steady Rests with 4 quills are designed to hold thin walled tubes. We build this steady rest type for work piece diameters up to 2000 mm. With the Patented Richter Measuring System at each quill you will reduce the set up time dramatically.
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