Steady Rest Type 5 -- H. Richter Vorrichtungsbau GmbH, Germany

C-Form Steady Rest with collapsible top
Type 5-3 Model 1

Steady Rest made by H. Richter Vorrichtungsbau GmbH Germany
Operating Range: Dmax 400 mm - Dmin 40 mm
Centre Height: 560 mm
Max Work Piece Load: 5000 kg
Quill diameter: 80 mm
Machine tool: FAT TUR 800 Mnx600

Narrow design with electronic display. With this C-Form Steady Rest, we succeeded in achieving a very work-friendly implementation. All measurement positions can be seen from the operator side and likewise all actuation and clamping can be implemented from the front. This Steady Rest is designed for 5 tons. Electronic display of all three quill positions below right.

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